About ArtbyRhea

Focal Length:300mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

ArtbyRhea is the name of my collection of photography and art. This blog, “GodSpeak”  represents a small taste of it.

I have always more clearly heard the voice of God through nature than through any other medium. I am fascinated by the intricacies of each leaf or bloom of a garden plant, the profusion of color and design found in every outdoor view, as well as all of the instinctive behaviors and precision of interlocking details in the world of living creatures. I have a passion for photographing nature. In quiet times, as the Lord speaks to me, I journal His words and our conversations.

And so I share with you a combination of my favorite things: a selection of the intimate things that God has whispered to me, combined with some of my God-moments captured through the lens of the camera. (Or in some cases, illustrations I have found that fit with the written piece, such as the elephant, which I have not yet had occasion to capture for myself). I pray that you will be inspired and blessed as you view my work, and that you will be taken to a deeper place of hearing God’s voice for yourself.

7 comments on “About ArtbyRhea”

  1. This blog is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, Rhea. What a fantastic, creative outlet! I am loving your photography and sense of color. It is real ‘eye candy.’

    The other day I discovered a wonder site that is devoted to color. It must be a British site because of the way they spell it but it is loads of fun to browse around in. It is http://www.colourlovers.com The deeper you go into the site, the more lovely color palettes you find.

  2. This will not do. Post, woman, post!

  3. Thanks so much for the “boost”, I will post more soon on the gardens on http://www.artbyrhea.com, I promise…Been busy writing my eagle story. Had a bit of writers’ block before that. Long story…long time without even logging in… I will be visiting your blogs again soon also.

  4. Thank you for your comment and visit to my blog. I will be back to visit soon. Keep up the good work here!

  5. i finally found you!!! (thanks, Google). thanks for the visit. God bless…



  6. 🙂

    A beautyful inspiration for others to share your “Life”.
    A ripple in the pond of our worlds that speaks of a beauty that is everywhere and in everyting, yet we pass it by not thinking, scarcely taking it in, as we often rush to the next ‘attraction’ this world has to offer.

    LH was here 😉

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